Asli Bakhoor

Asli Bakhoor

Asli Bakhoor
Length of the stick 9"
Type Of Sticks Masala Sticks
Number of Sticks 15
Fragrances Bakhoor, Masala
Pack Size Rectangle pack

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Fragrance for all occasions, Asli Bakhoor Agarbathies is an exquisite offering by Cycle Pure, India’s leading brand of incense sticks.

Asli Bakhoor Incense possesses a magnificent fragrance that fills the milieu with ever-lasting soul evoking aroma from the East. The fragrance reminds you of oriental history and royalty. The sweet and intoxicating scent speaks of the celebration and wonder of human life. The exhilarating fragrance uplifts the senses filling the gap between the divine and human spirit. 

Bakhoor is a traditional scented smoke, prized for its emollient and sweet aroma. It is the Arabic name given to scented chips or a blend of natural traditional ingredients soaked in traditional oils. Whether celebrating a ritual ceremony, entertainment at home, rejoicing a wedding or just relaxing, nothing is complete without its rich, pure fragrance.

  • Brand: Cycle
  • Product Code: IS1725
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  • $3.99

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