Rhythm Orient

Rhythm Orient

Rhythm Orient
Length of the stick 9"
Type Of Sticks Charcoal Sticks
Number of Sticks 20
Fragrances Bouquet, Cosmetic, Oriental, Powdery
Pack Size Hexa pack

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The unique floral-oriental composition encapsulated in this pack of Rhythm Orient Agarbathies entwines you in a sense of divine pleasure and unexplainable joy.

The woody oriental fragrance with an exotic aroma of musk, is extremely exhilarating when blended with floral scents. A sweet and salty richness of ambergris, a mystic aura of Rose and the woody undertones of these Incense sticks weaves the softness of flowers and warmth of true Orientals around you.

  • Brand: Rhythm
  • Product Code: IS1703-H1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1.49

Tags: IS1703-H1, Premium Fragrance, Oriental, Bouquet, Powdery, Cosmetic, Hexa pack, Rhythm