About Us

The sixties, this was the time of innocence and hope in America and the start of the revolution of social norms. This was a great time for the country with inclusive thinking and breaking of cultural boundaries. During this time, Excelsior Incense Works was established in San Francisco, California to bring to the West the mystical East and the treasure chest of Indian tradition.

Over the years, Excelsior expanded its reach beyond California and established distribution throughout North America. Stout Monk brand was launched in 1970 with a ‘happy go lucky’ positioning. In 2001, India’s largest incense sticks company N. Ranga Rao & Sons acquired Excelsior Incense Works.

Stoutmonk.com brings to you an exclusive selection of fragrance products. Create traditional and vibrant lifestyles, alluring ambiences and memorable gifting experiences through us at Stoutmonk.com