Om Shanthi Special Ghee Diya - Pack of 100

NewOm Shanthi Special Ghee Diya - Pack of 100
Burning Time20-30 Minutes
Number of Items100 Nos

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Fire is a source of life on earth. The light and warmth of fire forms an aura of energy around itself. Lighting a diya is the manifestation of lighting the fire of life in us. One can experience an etheric sphere around a diya that makes the ambience pious and divine. Work initiated from such ambience is believed to be successful and memories made near such ambience last longer. It is said that according to Bhrama Rahasyam of Sri Agastya Maharishi, the glow of a diya invites the gods towards it. Hence lighting a diya at home is believed to be an invitation to the gods to come to our homes. Om Shanthi Special Ghee Diya made from ghee extracted from pure sources are the perfect substitute for traditional ghee diya in which ghee soaked cotton wicks are used. These Special Ghee Bhattis have a burning time of 20-30 minutes. Place these Diya Bhattis in a lamp and light them directly. The diya induces fragrance of jasmine to make your pooja ambience smell pious and auspicious.

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