Flute Meditation Incense Stick - 8"

Flute Meditation Incense Stick - 8"
Length of the stick8"
Type Of SticksMasala Sticks
Burning Time40 Minutes
Packing typeRectangular Packet
Number of Sticks12
FragrancesOriental, Floral
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Concentration and perception increase if the mind is relaxed. Meditation is the right way to rest, rejuvenate and relax our mind. It helps our mind to focus and understand our inner self. Meditation increases positivity. Ancient India had understood the importance of meditation to promote spirituality in one’s life.

Purify your meditating ambience with Flute Meditation Incense from the house of Cycle Pure Agarabthies. Inhale a whiff of this special hand rolled incense sticks from India and feel the goodness of the oriental floral scent.
  • Brand: Flute
  • Product Code: F-Meditation-Rectangle
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