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2-3 DaysParampara
Length of the stick8"
Type Of SticksMasala Sticks
Number of Sticks15
FragrancesClassic, Earthy, Green, Masala, Timeless, Traditional, Sandal
Pack SizeRectangle Masala Pack

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The rich cultural heritage of India is resplendent with traditions that aim at promoting well-being. This knowledge is religiously being hand down through generations to be nurtured and followed. 

The fragrance of Flute Parampara lets you bask in the goodness of traditional ingredients from nature that invokes positivity in the ambience. This incense with a complex damp, woody fragrance of Oudh smells heavenly with a spicy undertone that evokes tranquility.

  • Brand: Cycle
  • Product Code: IS1708-R
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $2.99

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Tags:IS1708-R, Premium Fragrance, Classic, Earthy, Green, Masala, Sandal, Traditional, Timeless, Rectangle Pack, Cycle